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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fraternity?

A fraternity is an organization of men bound together by friendship, knowledge, brotherhood, common goals and aspirations. Theta Chi Psi is a unique group of men that encourage high standards; community service and assist in the building of character and leadership development among men. Members of Theta share a bond of brotherhood that last a lifetime.

How Much time is required?

members will get out the fraternal association as much as they invest.

What is the Policy on Hazing?

Theta Chi Psi Fraternity does not condone hazing in any form. Please refer to the Policies page.

What are the advantages of joining Theta Chi Psi?

Theta Chi Psi does not seek members, it seeks quality. Those who seek admission will learn the history of the fraternity from a historical perspective, written test and personal accounts.


Successful applicants will have a strong presence in the community in which they gain admission, but he will also become a part of an international organization

I'm interested in becoming a Theta Man, how do I go about joining?

The first thing an interested man should do is get acquainted with the men who are already members of Theta Chi Psi. A candidate should inquire to an active member how the fraternity has served them, and also, how the active member has served Theta. Community service should be an important element of the resume/application and the successful candidate must be able to demonstrate the importance of Community Service in his everyday life.

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Do you have to pay to become a member of Theta Chi Psi?

There is an application fee for men who seek consideration for membership. These funds are applied to local, regional and national operating expenses. A portion of the collected dues are allocated for community service, social functions and nationally mandated projects.

Where can I submit my payment, application or other documents?

Theta Chi Psi Fraternity, Inc. National Headquarters P.O. Box 542298 Houston Texas 77254

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